A new commercial building replaces the old Wesley House adjacent to Brisbane's heritage listed Albert Street Church. The new building defers to the Church with uncluttered lines and floor to ceiling glass to create transparency and depth of space for the Church. The building steps back 5 metres from Ann Street to increase views to and from the Church. The colonnade entry to the new building is 5 metres high allowing for a greater appreciation of the north east view of the Church.

Selected finishes create connection with the Church without deliberate reference. Clear glass helps to maintain transparency and visual and social connection, the copper cladding connects with the colour of the Church brickwork, and the sunshading to the long south west façade creates shadow and transparency.

To Ann Street sunshading moderates north eastern sun and is detailed to accentuate the building's slender vertical proportions. The roof lifts above the façade to create a rooftop terrace. Street level is activated by retail, generous shade canopies, the colonnade and a function space which enjoys views to the Church.

The building design is firmly aligned with environmental goals to achieve a 5-star Green Star Rating with the inclusion of chilled beam air cooling, optimal day lighting, low energy lighting, water efficiency, low emissions materials, quality planning and best practice construction.

Quality workplace spaces have been created with abundant natural light, state of the art services, high grade finishes, and simple open column free floor plates for planning flexibility. 

* In association with Fulton Trotter + Partners Architects

Project Sheet

Project Summary

Wesley Mission Brisbane
140 Ann Street, Brisbane
Floor area
5414 m²
September 2009
Original value
Ray Brown