Robert Ousey

Robert is a qualified British Architect with over 10 years experience in the design and documentation of tertiary education, commercial, hotel, residential, industrial, retail and aviation projects.

He has extensive experience in the documentation and coordination of large scale projects particularly in the aviation sector.

Robert has worked on traditional architectural commissions and the design and production of specialist facade and glazing systems, pre-fabricated building solutions and industrial products.


  • Qantas Headquarters Redevelopment, Mascot, Sydney
  • Queen Elizabeth II Courts of Law, Brisbane, QLD
  • ‘Islands’ South Beach, South Beach, WA
  • Australian Institute of Nanoscience
  • NSW Bar Association, Sydney
  • Sydney Airport [Hassell]
  • Hobart Airport, Tasmania [Hassell]
  • Heathrow Airport, London, UK [BWA]
  • Heathrow and Gatwick Airport, UK [BWA]
  • Optimum Switch Data Centre, Madrid, Spain [Optimum Switch]
  • Igus Factory, Cologne, Germany [BWA/Grimshaw]
  • Cap Gemini, Canary Wharf, London [BWA]
  • Abuja Diplomatic Quarter, Nigeria [BWA]
  • Minehead Arena, UK [BWA]