Rosemary Burne

Over twenty years, Rosemary has developed extensive expertise in research, design, project leadership and consultation. She establishes strong and productive relationships with clients, project managers, consultants and builders, which influences better project outcomes.

Rosemary has extensive architectural experience having worked in key roles on projects with budgets from $5m to $250m. 

With excellent leadership and management skills, Rosemary has an intensive focus on developing quality teams to deliver excellent architecture. Rosemary knows that it takes the skills of a diverse team to deliver sustainable architectural outcomes for end-users and the broader community. Rosemary enjoys contributing to the public realm on highly complex projects.

Driven with a genuine dedication to excellence in the practice of architecture, Rosemary ensures that she stays connected with the wider professional community through activities such as serving on the Institute of Architecture Awards juries, regular involvement in Institute and industry activities. Rosemary also actively contributes to the education of younger architects.