Health + Research

New technologies, medical advances and changing demographics are driving significant changes in the provision of healthcare and the nature and scope of our hospitals.

In parallel, bio-medical and scientific research institutions are expanding to tackle complex challenges and contribute to the advanced economy.

Architectus, with HDR Rice Daubney has designed Australia’s largest hospital development that has recently been awarded a 6 Star Green Star - As Built rating. The $1.8 billion Sunshine Coast University Hospital, delivered as a PPP in partnership with healthcare providers, funders, clinicians and contractors.

This project calls on our team's recognised skills at engaging collaboratively with specialist scientists, researchers, doctors, nurses and facility managers to establish evidence-based principles; and rigorous design thinking to establish robust design strategies that bring clarity and humanity to a technically demanding project.

The project incorporates internationally innovative health care concepts, including maximising use of natural light, ventilation and views to vegetation shown to improve health outcomes.  The integrated project co-locates clinical, research and educational facilities of the University of the Sunshine Coast

Architectus’s collaborative process, technical expertise and strategic clarity is reflected in our growing folio of advanced research centres.

The technical requirements for safety, security and servicing of bio-physical research laboratories are highly specialised, but it is attention to the design of the ‘people spaces’ that support experimental pedagogies, flexible collaborations and intellectual stimulation that characterises outstanding recent research institutions by Architectus:

- Monash Centre for Electron Microscopy
- The Australian Synchrotron
- The University of Auckland Ray Meyer Research Centre
- University of Sydney’s Australian Institute of Nanotechnology
- Student Academic and Research Centre (SARC) University of the Sunshine Coast