Hospitality + Retail

Retail architecture is now an essential and integral part of new urban design proposals.

Retail, hospitality and leisure activities provide the economic heartbeat for major urban renewal, new town centres, and mixed use architectural and urban projects of all scales.   

In a rapidly changing world, retail clients are seeking high quality design outcomes from architects to enable them to compete effectively with online rivals. In this competitive context, attractive experiences of memorable environments can build the collective goodwill that enables retail clients to survive and thrive.

Architectus is conscious of these evolving design trends and the issues that resonate with the customer- our research and work is focused around an understanding of the consumer experience.  

Successful Architectus projects range in scale and scope from the design and delivery of budget accommodation to 5 star hotels and resorts; from conference, convention and entertainment centres to mixed use development food and lifestyle destinations; from shopping centres with major and mini major retailers, and airport retail halls to boutique concept stores.

Our design professionals form a close collaborative working relationship with developers, specialist consultants, hotel operators, chefs and retailers to develop individually tailored solutions that are unique to each project.

Architectus’ focus on functionality, efficiency and detail is applied in these contexts to ensure efficient processes and seamless operations. In all cases, we seek to deliver projects that not only provide immediate success for their clients but that embed themselves into the larger collective consciousness of the city.