Auckland CBD Streetscapes

Auckland CBD Streetscapes

The strategic objective for the CBD Streetscapes project was to transform the Auckland CBD streetscapes to a level of environmental quality befitting a world class city.

The project encompasses three key sites within Auckland's CBD - Queen St, Quay St and the Lorne St Cultural Precinct. 

The key objectives of the brief were to create a high quality urban environment, promote pedestrian amenity, express Auckland's sense of place, and create a benchmark for future urban design projects.

Design consultants were engaged from varying disciplines (urban design, landscaping, lighting, civil and traffic engineering) contributing their area of expertise to the development of the projects.

All three projects involved an extensive consultation process with client, Iwi, and key stakeholder groups to ensure the projects addressed their specific needs and concerns.

Project Sheet

Project Summary

Auckland Council
Auckland, New Zealand
Original value
Patrick Clifford


  • Lorne Street: NZIA Resene Local Award for Architecture 2007
  • Queen Street: NZIA Resene Auckland Architecture Award 2008 - Urban Design
  • Queen Street: NZIA Resene NZ Award for Architecture 2009 - Urban Design

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