Auckland: Lorne St Cultural Precinct

Auckland: Lorne St Cultural Precinct

The CBD Into the Future Lorne Street Cultural Precinct Project encompasses a key character area within Auckland's CBD. The Precinct lies to the east of the Queen Street valley and provides an important framework of streets supporting key civic buildings, retail, business and cultural activity, and  important pedestrian and transport links.

Key proposals for the area included creating public spaces for people to gather and rest; to strengthen key visual and pedestrian links;  to improve pedestrian wayfinding; and to develop the network of small scale streets to create a well-functioning, high-quality urban streetscape for pedestrians, transport and businesses.

Within the streetscape itself the cultural and historical aspects of the Precinct are explicitly expressed. Distinct lighting, street furniture and planting elements signal that you have entered the Cultural Precinct. The streetscape also reflects the Precinct's cultural elements by encouraging the use of its public space for artwork, installations and performance.

Project Sheet

Project Summary

Auckland City Council
Auckland, New Zealand
Original value
Patrick Clifford


  • NZIA Resene Local Award for Architecture 2007

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