Auckland: Quay Street

Auckland: Quay Street

Architectus completed three streetscapes projects that play a key role in the CBD Into the Future programme  to revitalise Auckland's CBD into a vibrant and dynamic business and cultural centre.

Quay Street plays a crucial role in the linkage and movement of passenger transport including ferries, buses, trains, bicycles and vehicles. In order to accommodate high numbers of pedestrians in the area, northern footpaths have been widened and traffic lane widths reduced to a minimum.

Additional native pohutukawas have been planted to strengthen the existing  east-west avenue and harbour edge.  New lighting includes the re-ordering of street poles and use of ‘white light' fittings to enhance the city's natural edge and promote safety.

Street furniture and paving was largely an extension of the Viaduct Harbour project.

The use of bluestone, clay and shell pavers referencing Auckland's heritage and coastal location, and promoting accessibility and continuity within the streetscapes.

Auckland has a strong and unique cultural, geographical and maritime heritage. The conceptual principles of the project rest upon the recognition of Auckland's heritage and the built works seek to express this heritage through selected artworks, paving, planting and lighting.

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Auckland City Council
Auckland, New Zealand
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