Auckland: Queen Street

Auckland: Queen Street

The CBD Into the Future Queen Street Project has revitalised Auckland's main street into a high quality environment with a look and feel that is distinctively ‘Auckland'.

The Queen Street Project has transformed the functionality and appearance of Auckland's main street. The key principles include creating a high quality streetscape that is safe, robust and sustainable; expressing Auckland's sense of place and unique identity; and creating a benchmark and catalyst for future urban design projects in the CBD.

The design expresses the different activity zones and uses of Queen Street while unifying and strengthening the street as a linear landscape.

Continuous design elements such as bluestone paving, bespoke timber furniture and structured avenue planting unify the street while key nodal areas are celebrated with distinctive seating elements, Nikau Palms and unique ground plane detailing that identifies the geographical and cultural history of the CBD. 

The project has also implemented a number of new pedestrian priority measures that support the use and occupation of the street including widened footpaths, mid-block crossings and countdown clocks. The project also included the redesign of key open spaces at Wakefield Plaza and Myers Park (un-realised).

Project Sheet

Project Summary

Auckland City Council
Auckland, New Zealand
Original value
Patrick Clifford


  • NZIA Resene Local Architecture Award 2008 - Urban Design
  • NZIA Resene NZ Architecture Award 2009 - Urban Design
  • NZILA Award 2008

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