B-Line: Bus Rapid Transit Urban Design Strategy for Sydney’s Northern Beaches

B-Line: Bus Rapid Transit Urban Design Strategy for Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Architectus collaborated with Gehl Architects to develop a Bus Rapid Transit urban design strategy for Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

The Northern Beaches Rapid Bus Transit (BRT) realises a once-in-a-generation change to improve transport time and reduce congestion along one of Sydney’s most challenging transport corridors.

Northern Beaches BRT is a kerb-side system that combines the capacity and speed of light rail with the flexibility, lower cost and simplicity of a bus system. The BRT utilises existing roadways with the incorporation of dedicated lanes (red roads) to achieve a highly efficient public transport outcome.

High frequency bus precincts and interchanges facilitate a convenient and transparent bus network with high-quality customer facilities, real-time passenger information and an identifiable brand. The BRT will drive urban renewal in this popular and high-amenity region of Sydney.

The project included two phases:

  • The BRT Urban Design Strategy and “Kit of Parts” provide objectives, principles and standard performance criteria to guide future BRT design across NSW. Best practice lessons learned from Sydney T-way projects and world class case studies informed this work. The Strategy also includes a ‘kit-of-parts’ designed solution to be adapted place-specifically in the future rollout of BRT systems across NSW.
  • The Northern Beaches Kerbside BRT Urban Design Strategy applies the broader, Phase 1 Strategy objectives, principles and performance criteria to the Northern Beaches route, and adapts the generic ‘kit-of-parts’ design to create a cohesive, place-specific Northern Beaches BRT identity.

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Transport for NSW
Sydney Northern Beaches, NSW
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