City of Sydney Heritage DCP

City of Sydney Heritage DCP

In 2003 and 2004 the City of Sydney was expanded to include Glebe and South Sydney (formerly Leichhardt and South Sydney Councils). The amalgamation resulted in a myriad of planning and heritage controls applying across the new Council area.

The City of Sydney Heritage Development Control Plan (DCP) rationalised the provisions from over 3 LEPs, 6 DCPs, 3 Draft DCPs, 4 Policies and 10 Studies into one concise document to cover the amalgamated Council area.

Concise and simple plans are increasingly necessary to balance the ever-complicated development control system. The City of Sydney Heritage DCP responds to this with a strong philosophical underpinning and a practical approach to how heritage applications are prepared. The DCP’s rational structure gives clear direction to applicants and development assessment staff, and has reduced ambiguity in an area that has previously been considered to be very subjective.

This has been achieved through a meaningful consultation process with key stakeholders and a strong working relationship with the City of Sydney and heritage consultants.

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