Crown Street Reservoir Planning Approval

Crown Street Reservoir Planning Approval

Sydney Water Corporation engaged Architectus to prepare a Master Plan and Subdivision Development Application for the Crown Street Reservoir, Surry Hills NSW.

The site comprises:

  • A heritage listed underground water supply reservoir built in 1860
  • An electric pumping station built in 1964-65;
  • Former meter testing workshops built from 1889-1951, which are currently disused and in a poor state of repair
  • A garage built in 1961 which sits above the reservoir
  • A vacant three storey commercial office block built in 1962

The reservoir is fully functional providing water for the Sydney CBD. The commercial building fronting Crown Street, former workshop buildings and associated land are surplus to Sydney Water’s needs and have remained unoccupied since the early 1990s.

While prepared for the entire block, the master plan concentrates development opportunity to the land fronting Crown Street. The master plan confirms Sydney Water’s ownership and continuing operational use of the land containing the reservoir and pumping station, and provides the opportunity for landscape improvements to be undertaken on the remaining Sydney Water land. No changes to the use or activities of the reservoir section are intended under the master plan.

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