General Medical Training, Townsville

General Medical Training, Townsville

This facility hosts professionals from remote inland and coastal northern Queensland for week long training programs.

A defining feature of the tenancy is the views to Magnetic Island. The iconic boulders of this island became an integral part of the “islands in the stream” design concept. The lobby area was likened to a stream with the reception desk, planter and storage room “boulders” sitting as sculptural objects within the “stream”.

The training room side of the lobby is lined with ply panelling with a regular timber stud pattern in a reference to the vernacular architecture. The transparent boardroom and meeting room functions express the open and accountable face of contemporary business.

This facility is a conduit for professionals operating in remote communities to access training. The provision of a fitout of “world’s best practice” standards elevates the centre beyond the regional feel to which professionals servicing remote areas are normally relegated.

The occupants benefit from increased connectivity between teams and improved access to natural daylight. The contemporary look and feel of the space has positively impacted staff morale.

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Project Summary

Tropical Medical Training
Townsville, QLD
Floor area
October 2014
Dr Stephen Long