Green Square Built Form Review

Green Square Built Form Review

Architectus was invited to provide a review of built form of existing controls and check workability of the development controls for 278 hectare renewal area in Sydney’s inner south. It was soon realised that the existing plan contained structural anomalies.

For instance, some of the originally planned street block depths were planned at 42 metres – too narrow for building separation and amenity. 

Developments of 100% residential use were being approved with mixed use stagnating and consequently employment targets failing.  The six mixed-use zones were too complicated and not able to be enforced.

The Built Form Review recommends around 50% of land to be dedicated to mainly residential use, 30% industrial/employment and 20% for mixed-use. Offices are principally located near the railway station, a significant area is set aside for industry and diversity of employment, and the rest as mixed-use and residential. Also considered were issues of amenity, sunlight and space.

With a projected population increase of 20 000 residents and 30 000 jobs, the Architectus review protects the area’s heritage values and provides for a dynamic mix of residential, multi-use and light industrial. 

Recommendations prepared by Architectus were generally carried forward into the new Sydney LEP 2012 and DCP 2012 and accorded to targets identified in the Metropolitan Strategy.

Project Sheet

Project Summary

City of Sydney Council
Green Square, NSW (Alexandria, Beaconsfield, Rosebery and Zetland)
Floor area
278 ha
Michael Harrison

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