Macquarie University Central Courtyard Precinct - Student Accommodation

Macquarie University Central Courtyard Precinct - Student Accommodation

Architectus won the design competition to transform Macquarie University’s Central Courtyard Precinct. The project is a transformative one that incorporates 68 000 m2 of the campus including the Central Courtyard and 4 surrounding buildings.

The new student accommodation is designed to be flexible, functional and private - yet connected to the proposed informal learning spaces and new social and service spaces of the Central Courtyard Precinct.

The plan promotes a sense of community beyond the individual, by breaking down the 1000 beds into smaller manageable buildings; each with their own identity, entry and character, with the added benefit of being able to stage the development into two 500 bed cohorts if required.

Each student accommodation building is connected at the lower ground for service access, at the Courtyard level from a new residential courtyard for normal day-to-day entry to welcoming lobbies, and at Wally’s Walk level, ensuring connection to the whole precinct.

Project Sheet

Project Summary

Macquarie University
Macquarie University, NSW
Floor area
30 000 m²
Original value
Luke Johnson


  • Design competition winner

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