Parramatta CBD Planning Framework Study

Parramatta CBD Planning Framework Study

Parramatta City Council commissioned Architectus to develop a planning framework that can establish Parramatta as Sydney’s premier Regional City.

Architectus and SGS Economics and Planning were commissioned to develop a planning framework which creates a city that is economically vibrant, liveable and sustainable for current and future generations. The study has included consideration of the following components.

  • Market demand and economic viability
  • Options for the CBD boundary
  • Land use mix
  • CBD skyline (and building height and floor space ratios)
  • Building sustainability, design excellence and the public domain.

Built form scenarios have been developed based on the application of different controls and analysed for their outcomes across issues including delivery of floorspace, city views and skyline, solar access to public open spaces, heritage, amenity and built form outcomes. The outcomes of this testing has been used as the basis for recommended new controls for the Parramatta City Centre.

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