Riverwood State Significant Precinct – Master Plan and Rezoning

Riverwood State Significant Precinct – Master Plan and Rezoning

In 2016, Architectus was engaged by NSW Land and Housing Corporation (NSW LAHC) to prepare a master plan and new planning framework for the Riverwood Estate State Significant Precinct. The 30 hectare site is majority owned by NSW LAHC and includes 994 social housing dwellings. 

Strategically located within the East Hills urban renewal corridor, and adjacent to the Salt Pan Creek Green Grid Corridor, the site presents an opportunity to renew and increase social housing in a highly accessible location. 

The project will facilitate the renewal of existing social housing and deliver an integrated community with a mix of social, affordable and private housing and improved social outcomes.

Working with a multidisciplinary team, including JMD design, Cred Consulting, Artefact, and SGS Economics and Planning, the integrated approach facilitated a master plan focussed on improved connections, a high quality public domain and a built form strategy that responds to its context to deliver improved accessibility, active and vibrant public spaces, and development that integrates with the surrounding residential community.

The master plan was informed by ongoing engagement with residents, building a strong relationship, and providing the opportunity for residents to contribute their ideas and feedback.

In July 2017 the State Significant Precinct Proposal was submitted to the Department of Planning and Environmentand is currently being assessed.

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NSW Land and Housing
Riverwood, NSW
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