St Cuthbert’s College Centennial Centre

St Cuthbert’s College Centennial Centre

The new centre provides a central venue for student support, teaching as well as state of the art aquatic and fitness facilities. Located adjacent the College’s existing gymnasium, courts and fields, the Centennial Centre helps define a sports precinct at the western end of the college campus.

The aquatic centre component features a 25m×20m lap pool with moveable floor as well as a dedicated learners pool. The facility caters for 250 spectators and large glazed sliding doors allow the entire southern facade to be opened up to extend spectator capacity by another 450 people on temporary external bleachers.

Double glazing, low level pool hall ventilation, high levels of controlled natural light and extensive acoustic treatment provides a high level of comfort to staff and students. 

The Student Support Centre provides space for the Deans’ work spaces, meeting rooms, counselling services and careers guidance.

The upper level accommodates the fitness centre overlooking the main pool hall as well as departmental offices and a teaching space.

The design integrates a series of sustainable solutions including: passive systems like exposed thermal mass, natural ventilation, high insulation values, solar shading, a renewable timber structure and systems such as displacement ventilation and heat recovery mechanical plant equipment.

Designed in partnership with Architecture HDT.

Project Sheet

Project Summary

St Cuthbert’s College
Epsom, Auckland
Floor area
4300 m²
Original value

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