Waterbank Crescent

Waterbank Crescent

Architectus worked with Housing New Zealand on the development of 32 new homes for a Special Housing Area in West Auckland.

The Waterbank Crescent site was selected for inclusion in the Housing New Zealand (HNZC) SHARP3 development programme, designed to facilitate key outcomes, such as:

  • Optimising the value and performance of the HNZC Auckland portfolio by intensifying under-utilised land
  • Enabling flexibility of future ownership/mixed tenure living (site layout enables each individual site to achieve fee simple title)

The site occupies the ‘inside’ of Waterbank Crescent and is across the road from Waterview Reserve.

The zoning is Mixed Housing Suburban under the Auckland Unitary Plan.

The site planning responds to the multiple challenges of HNZC’s social housing programme. The site was originally occupied by eleven existing 1945-7 vintage dwellings. The intensification, which triples the existing density, requires attention to exterior and interior amenity for residents on what are necessarily small sites.

Pedestrian circulation, solar access, outlook, privacy, passive surveillance, parking and waste collection need to be carefully considered to achieve a high quality, safe and accessible residential environment which is sensitive to the neighbourhood context. The scheme aims to enhance the sense of local pride, community stewardship and safety, especially in the way dwellings address the interface with the street. To this end, the design also follows ‘Blind Tenure’ design principles so that the development can enhance and integrate well with the established neighbourhood.

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Housing New Zealand
Auckland, New Zealand
Severin Soder