Public, Cultural + Community

The design of the public buildings and spaces of our cities is the greatest privilege and the greatest responsibility for architects and urban designers.

Architectus is proud of the opportunities it has had to design significant public institutions of law and governance, museums, theatres, galleries and exhibition, conference and community centres.

Civic and community buildings, and the vibrant public spaces that are their setting, need to be seen within the longer arc of history.

At Architectus, we are respectful of the history of the urban context we inherit and seek to use new projects to reinforce, connect and extend the underlying urban character and spirit of place.

We respect the enduring nature of great public buildings and the need to imbed strong environmental sustainability principles to ensure utility for future generations.

We also strive to achieve an enduring design expression of the role and function of the institution with a significance and dignity that will outlive the attention span of many contemporary fashions and forms.

Architectus is acknowledged as a world leader in the design of justice facilities and Queen Elizabeth II Courts of Law in Brisbane is an exemplary project in this specialist field.

This collaborative project transforms the operations and technologies within the courts, recasts the public face of the legal institution, establishes high ESD benchmarks and delivers a generous and unexpected new public square for the city.