Our experienced team has designed a range of complex, future-focused residential developments – everything from extensive, urban regeneration work to adaptable, mixed-tenancy living for diverse communities.

Through rigorous review of a site and the feasibility of solutions, our design response is shaped by market insights and a range of financial, environmental, and spatial considerations, along with the social and historical nuances of each project.

The sector is part of our Living and Working portfolio, which unlocks the potential of emerging building and space typologies at the intersection of residential, commercial, and workplace development.

Our projects include Wynyard Central, the first large-scale, multi-unit, residential development in New Zealand to achieve a Homestar 7/8-star rating for sustainability and energy efficiency, Bedford Terraces and Apartments, multi-unit winner at Home of the Year 2022, and Highbury Triangle, a 236 apartment project for Kāinga Ora, including a six-storey engineered timber apartment building.