St Andrew’s College Centennial Chapel Dedication

The St Andrew’s College Centennial Chapel Dedication was held on Tuesday, 25th October with a large community gathering to mark this historic occasion. The new chapel replaces the Memorial Chapel that was extensively damaged in the 2011 earthquake and was decommissioned in 2013.

Rector Christine Leighton says, “It was truly a magnificent occasion and very humbling to be here celebrating our new Chapel being at the heart of our community once again. Many of our Old Collegians who attended were, in fact, at the dedication of the Memorial Chapel in 1955. They remarked how special it was that items from the Memorial Chapel have been so beautifully integrated into our new Chapel”.

Heritage items carefully salvaged and incorporated into the ‘memorial wall’ include the doors, stonework, gargoyles, stained glass windows, plaques and 1000 of the original bricks. The bell has been restored and hangs in the new bell tower located in the same position as the Memorial Chapel’s tower.

The Chapel seats 750 and while it will be used primarily for worship, it will also be used for celebrations, assemblies, presentations and special musical events for both the College and wider community. It will be home to The Village Presbyterian Church on Sunday mornings.

Images by Sarah Rowlands