Architectus has built a strong culture around our exceptional people, committed designers trusted by our clients to realise their vision. We bring a breadth of local and international experience to projects, applying a collaborative working method to develop robust ideas and drive innovation.

Meet our leaders and other key members of the team below.

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Adam Smith Graduate Auckland

Alice Wang Graduate Interior Designer Auckland

Callum Vartha Graduate Wellington

Cam Wilson Graduate Auckland

Cameron Clark Graduate Christchurch

Chris Li Architect Auckland

Clair Nicholls Architect Auckland

Damian McKeown Senior Architect Auckland

Damien Perry Graduate Auckland

Daniel Crooks Architect Christchurch

Daniela Vaníčková Graduate Christchurch

Dorien Viliamu Graduate Auckland

Douglas Weir Architect Auckland

Elliott Chang Architect Auckland

Elly Wang Architect Auckland

Frank Coleman Senior Architect Auckland

Grant Richardson Senior Architectural Designer Auckland

Hannah Diack Architect Christchurch

Izzat Ramli Graduate Auckland

James Craig Senior Architect Auckland

Jan Bittner Graduate Auckland

Jared Williams Architect Auckland

Jessica Stewart Accounts Assistant Auckland

John Baker Senior Architect Tauranga

Kevin Park Architect Auckland

Lisa Kim Graduate Auckland

Lusitania Vete Architect Auckland

Madi O’Reilly Graduate Christchurch

Mandy Drummond Architectural Information Manager Auckland

Mark Schmidt Architect Christchurch

Matthew Eglen Architect (UK) Christchurch

Matthew Finn Graduate Auckland

Matthew Ryley Architect Christchurch

Mike Greisen BIM Innovation Lead Christchurch

Monique Mackenzie Architect Christchurch

Peter Jeffs BIM Consultant Auckland

Peter Wise Architect Wellington

Rachael McKillop Graduate Auckland

Rick de Lange Architect (Netherlands) Christchurch

Sareeta Rattansen General Manager - Finance Auckland

Shirley Ho Graduate Auckland

Todd Min Graduate Auckland

Tom Jackson Graduate Auckland